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Free Online Course on Are You Using Both Halves of Your Brain


No? Then here is how you can accomplish it to function more effectively, realize your hidden potential and become a complete person.


Every human being has two personalities. That this statement seems to have been designed to shock doesn't deter from its truth.


It's a sort of benign schizophrenia that keeps us balanced gingerly on the tightrope between what society labels as sane and what it ridicules as mental malfunction. Lasting happiness is a state of mutual peace and balance among our physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects. This is because in order to strike this balance we need to identify our real and ultimate goals correctly (which should not appear to be misplaced later on) and then adopting the correct and balanced routes to attain these goals.


Underneath the buzz of day-to-day hustle and bustle that gives us no time to pause and reflect upon our actions and our lives, an uneasy realization of some kind of an imbalance lurks just beneath the surface of our skin, but manages to elude all our endeavors to identify the same.


The imbalance indeed lurks very close to the surface – in fact, only a few millimeters beneath the scalp!



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