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The three M's


“I recommend you take care of the minutes: for hours will take care of themselves”__ Earl of Chesterfield

Till recently, management experts spoke only of the 3`M's' ---- Money, Material and Men ----- as crucial resources. It is now understood that Time, as the fourth resource is most crucial, because without it, nothing will materialize. The 3 ‘M's are hardly in short supply, but time is finite, unreplenishable, unstoreable, invaluable and unstoppable. Yet the common complaint at all levels is that there isn't enough of it. ‘Lack of time' is usually the cover for inefficiency, lack of planning/forethought, missed deadlines and poor quality of life.

Time is precious to all, but in terms of cost to Management, the higher one rises in the hierarchy, the higher do time costs rise, both in quantitative as well as qualitative terms. From manual work/routine functions to the rarified atmosphere of Top Management with its main functions of creative monitoring, planning and visionary approach, proper time management can spell the difference between success and failure.


This is all the more relevant when we ruminate that in a normal life-span of 75 to 80 years, 25 years may go in sleep/rest, 15 to childhood, illness and old age, 10 years to essential life-sustaining activities, 10 years in eating, dressing, chores etc.,


Leaving only about 20 years for effective work/creativity/accretion of wealth/fulfillment. So it is important to maximize the quality of utilization of these “productive” years, to give of our best, and reap the harvest before he

Great Reaper harvests us.



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