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FREE online courses on the Basics to Forensic Entomology - Analyzing the crime scene - Do you wonder what Forensic Entomology is all about


Forensic entomology can be said to be the application of the study of insects and other arthropods to legal issues. It can be divided in three subfields: urban, stored-product and medico legal. It is the medico legal aspect that I will discuss in this online course.


Medico legal forensic entomology includes arthropod involvement in events such as murder, suicide and rape, but also includes physical abuse and contraband trafficking.


Since the earth is a predominantly arthropod world, it is not uncommon that we mere humans come in contact with these creatures. They make the world go round, as they pollinate, eat other arthropods, eat living plants and trees, dead plants and trees, living vertebrates, dead vertebrates and vertebrate dung and urine and a lot of other things.


Do you want to know what goes on at the scene of the crime? What to look for, how to collect and such things? Say no more, read on.



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