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TFREE online courses on CRM - The Importance of Customer Relationship

FREE online courses on CRM - The Importance of Customer Relationship - Who is a Customer

A customer is the actual or potential buyer of a product. Different roles can be identified in the context of consumers, namely, buyer, decider, initiator, influencer, user, disposer.

The Need For Customer Relationship Marketing

Today's companies are going head over heels to retain customers. The fact is that the cost of attracting a new customer is far more than keeping a current customer happy. The task of creating strong customer loyalty is called relationship marketing. It is basically a philosophy of doing business in a highly competitive market with strategic orientation focusing on improving relationship with existing key customers to develop lifetime customers.


Building Blocks Between Marketers and Consumers

“Customer Relationship Management (CRM)” is changing the way everything, from cars to detergents, is being sold. Soon, the shoppers at Super markets will wait to watch personalized advertisements for chocolates, toothpaste and tea at checkout counters equipped with video screens.

Marketers are finding new ways to communicate with their customers and capitalizing on long-term relationship. This is made possible as marketers are maintaining database on consumers to customize and target their messages more precisely. On the other hand, consumers signal their needs and preferences and ensure that the products are tailored to those desires.

Asian Paints and Customer Services

Asian Paints has understood the service aspect early. In April this year, the company launched its help line as a consumer forum where one can call in with paint-related queries. This forms a direct communication platform between the company and consumer, bringing Asian paints closer to the consumer. Consumers have now become increasingly conscious of home décor. They seek information on:

·                     Different kinds of paints;

·                     Finishes;

·                     Budgeting;

·                     Prices;                                                     

·                     Advice on shade combination;

·                     Maintenance tips

Asian paints say that it is tailoring its offerings to Indian tastes and preferences, local lighting and climatic condition. Its aim is to change the role of a consumer from a passive onlooker to an active participant.        

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