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Free online Course on Consumer Behavior and Motivation

FREE online courses on Consumer Behaviour and Motivation - Importance of Study of Consumer Behavior

Modern marketing is customer‑oriented, therefore, the study of customers behavior is vital in framing product policies, price policies, decision regarding sales promotion. The rationale of any business enterprise is to provide value to its customer. Therefore the study of consumer behavior is of permanent importance for a marketing person to be able to deliver value to consumer.

Product policies

The consumer behavior gives an insight into the various factors which prompt him to purchase and like a particular product. If it is known that it is the packing which attract the buyer then the producer will pay special attention to the packing of his products.

Price policies

The buyers of some products purchase only because particular articles are cheaper than the competitive articles available in the market. In such a case the price of such products cannot be raised. On the other hand, some other articles are purchased because it enhances the prestige and social status of persons. The price of such things can easily be raised.

Decision regarding channels of distribution

The goods which are sold and purchased solely on the basis of low price must have cheap and economical distribution channels. Thus decision regarding channels of distribution are taken on the basis of consumer behavior.

Decision regarding sales promotion

A study of consumer behavior is also vital in making decisions regarding sales promotion. It enables the producers to know what motive prompts buyers to make purchases and the same are utilized in advertising media to awaken desire to purchase.


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