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A 1997 Gallup/Pitney Bowes poll revealed that 64% of Fortune 500 employees who now have e-mail said that they would still rather get a fax than an e-mail message. The message for us is that we should make sure that we communicate and use people's "electronic preferences." And since faxing is still a key part of doing business, here are a few things to remember.


For salespeople, a fax can be a great tool to use for following up a phone call. Often, while people feel that the voice mail or e-mail can be easily erased, a fax is a perfect paper back up to make sure that messages have been received.


Faxes can also be a deal "sealer". After you have completed a negotiation, you might want to get something in the customer's hands that confirms your agreement. It doesn't have to be the final contract. Rather, it could be a note that is hand written which says, "Thanks for the order. We look forward to delivering 15 units for $50 each, plus shipping. In the meantime, call me when you need something else."


Whatever the case, ask your customers if they approve of your sending a fax. Since most fax machines are in common office areas, your clients may not want others to see their messages.



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