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Free online Course on Expert Systems

FREE online courses on Expert Systems - Expert Systems


FREE online courses on Expert Systems - Introduction


Over the past several years there have been many implementations of expert systems using various tools and various hardware platforms, from powerful LISP machine workstations to smaller personal computers.


The technology has left the confines of the academic world and has spread through many commercial institutions. People wanting to explore the technology and experiment with it have a bewildering selection of tools from which to choose. There continues to be a debate as to whether or not it is best to write expert systems using a high-level shell, an AI language such as LISP or Prolog, or a conventional language such as C.


This course is designed to teach you how to build expert systems from the inside out. It presents the various features used in expert systems, shows how to implement them in Prolog, and how to use them to solve problems. This course is written with the assumption that the reader understands Prolog programming.


The code presented in this course is a foundation from which many types of expert systems can be built. It can be modified and tuned for particular applications. It can be used for rapid prototyping. It can be used as an educational laboratory for experimenting with expert system concepts.



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