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Free online Course on Gestures and Expressions

Gestures and Expressions




In our ever changing highly pressured lifestyle, perhaps the only constant is lack of time. With it being at such a premium lengthy interactions are parse. Body language with its gestures and facial expressions comes to our rescue.


“Gesture' means the movement of part of the body to express an idea or meaning. Gestures are like words in a language, they give meaning to an action”. It is merely an outward expression of inward condition just as are laughter or a frown. The most largely observed group of gestures is facial expression. Our eyes focus more on the face than on any other part of the body. Often people are able to speak more through their expressions than through words. Lack of correct expression dilutes the intensity of the spoken words.


“In eloquent speaking,” declared Elbert Hubbard, “It is the manner that wins, not words”. Note in detail the furrows of the forehead, eyebrow positioning exaggerated opening of the eyes, flaring nostrils etc., these expressions speak loads than what words do. Often lack of correct expression dilutes the intensity of the spoken words.



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