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FREE online courses on Group Dynamics - Problems Created by Informal Groups


Informal groups have dysfunctional aspects too. They may create the following problems for the organization:


1.                  Negative Attitude of Informal Leaders: The informal leader may turn out to be a troubleshooter for the organization. In order to increase his influence, he may work against the policies of management and manipulate the behavior of his followers. Thus, he can be source of conflict between the management and the workers.

2.                  Conformity: The informal group exerts strong pressure on its members for conformity. The members may become so loyal to their group that following the group norms becomes a part of their life. This implies that members become subject to willful control of the group leader who may lead the group toward selfish ends.

3.                  Resistance to Change: Informal groups generally have a tendency to resist change. Change requires group members to make new adjustments and acquire new skills. But groups want to maintain status quo. Sometimes, groups react violently to the proposed changes being brought by the management. This creates obstructions in implementing new ideas and thus organization's survival and growth.

4.                  Rumor: Informal communication may give rise to rumors. This is not desirable from organization's point of view. Rumor originates for a number of reasons. A more frequent cause is employee's anxiety and insecurity because of poor communication in the organization.

5.                  Role Conflict: Every member of the informal group is also a member of the formal organization. Sometimes, there may be role conflict because what the informal group requires of a member is just the opposite of what is expected of him by the formal organization.



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