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Free online Course on Job Design and Enrichment

Job Design and Enrichment

One of the most important concerns of personnel managers in the past several years has been employee productivity and satisfaction. Personnel managers have realized that an important factor influencing these areas is the type of work handled by the employee. Job design answers the questions of how the job is to be performed, who is to perform it and where it is to be performed. Thus, in a way, job design greatly affects how an employee feels about a job, how much authority an employee has over the work, how much decision-making the employee has on the job and how many tasks the employee has to complete. Managers realize that job design determines their working relationship with their employees and the relationship among employees themselves. Job design refers to the way that tasks are combined to form complete jobs. The early emphasis in management was to design jobs around high specialization and standardization. During the last thirty years, managers have realized the importance of designing jobs in a novel, interesting way enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity. Let us examine these approaches briefly.


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