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Maximum Managing People


No Mistakes Managing


What is the being a maximum manager all about? Is it about success, profits, people skills, being a technological leader, a silent force, a hands on manager? It maybe many of these things depending on the circumstances.


In my experience a person who blends all these attributes together cohesively without making mistakes is a 'no mistakes manager'.  This concept is extremely important because it indicates that in all your dealings you are ahead of the game.  It also means that despite all the challenges to doing business you are managing to succeed.


To be successful no mistakes managing must be based into a business philosophy. It is part of your desire to be a high level worker.


In business the end results are not as dire as say in other types of conflict.  For example in wars people get shot, blown up, etc. Not very pretty. In fact the decisions made by officers who are controlling troop movements may get people killed. So in armed forces the penalties for failure are severe. In business however failure brings other types of problems.  Employees become demoralized, workers are laid off and factories get shut down. 


By using the following axioms I will try and encapsulate the main principles of no mistakes managing. 


Every decision, no matter how small, has the possibility to have large implications on someone. And if a company and its employees can begin to realize this, they can evolve personal codes of conduct, which eradicate costly misunderstandings, which cost time and money.


Self-preservation of your business zone and the objectives that you have established. Use information control techniques.


It is important to support business decisions with the requisite energy and drive and also to have the requisite energy and drive to be in a position to make good decisions.


Keep pushing on a repetitious model. This creates a focus, which can be used for achieving objectives.


Use these axioms to further your business objectives. They are helpful points of reference, which are to be used advantageously. This is especially true since perception and reality are often blurred concepts in the business world because of the commoditised nature of people and products. Thus, in order to maintain a high level of quality management, it is important to maintain an overall perspective.


Maximum managing also entails avoiding people who will make problems for you.  You must guard against high energy people who might take a run at you.  Be careful about anyone willing to sabotage his or her career to sabotage yours.


Every business interaction must be controlled in a fashion that generates a ‘ground reality' between the external party and you. Thus what is being stated, declared and emphasized by an employee, supplier or anyone connected with the firm should be in sync with realism and factually based.


The idea is to evolve a critical success model, which will help in making decisions by taking the best internal factors of your firm into account. It also pushes through solutions, which support long-term stability as opposed to short-term whims. There is no point making the right decision today only to find a year later that it was the wrong decision.


Often political decisions are consistent with the critical success model. And since we live in a political society notwithstanding the Geneva charters on human rights and freedoms, etc, we must respect politicized, economically palatable decisions. So, at times, in order to ensure that the management makes no mistakes, we have to step out of the ‘line of fire' and let someone else shoulder the burden and take the heat.

Finally, you and your firm must have the best user-friendly products to sell. No mistakes mean the products must have no inherent flaws in them. This means lavishing a great deal of time and effort in creating the right products. Work is the engine of large ideas. The products must be market friendly and should generate good responses from consumers. Many firms have failed because of weak product lines.



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