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FREE online courses on Motivation Defined - Characteristics of Motivation


§         Motivation is a psychological phenomenon: Motivation is an internal feeling which generates within an individual. Motivating factors are always unconscious but they are to be aroused by managerial action.


§         Motivation is based on needs: Needs may be consciously or unconsciously felt. Needs may be (a) fundamental needs such as food, clothes, shelter, etc. and (b) ego-satisfaction needs such as self-development, self-actualization. These needs vary with individuals and with the same individual at different times.


§         Goals are motivator: Motivation causes goal directed behavior, feeling of need by the person causes him to behave in such a way that he tries to satisfy himself.


§         Motivation is different from satisfaction: Motivation implies a drive towards an outcome while satisfaction involves outcomes already experienced and achieved satisfaction is the contentment experienced when a desire is satisfied.


§         Motivation is a continuous process: Motivation is an unending process. Wants are innumerable and cannot be satisfied at one time. As satisfaction of needs is an unending process, so the process of motivation is also unending.


§         Motivation is related to a person in totality: Person in totality, not in part, is motivated.



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