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Free online Course on Promoting Etiquette

Promoting Etiquette


Analyze your manners by giving a quick MOT


1.                  You are delayed to meet an appointment with a visitor. How do you handle it?

a.                 Whenever you meet the person, apologize then.

b.                 Contact your visitor to apologize and give him an idea of how long the wait could be.

c.                 Ask the reception to break the news.


2.                  Your junior makes a mistake. How do you react?

a.                 Bawl at him or her on the spot, no matter who listens to it.

b.                 Call the person to your office and in private talk about it.

c.                 Leave a note on his or her desk.


3.                  You wish to have a talk with your colleague. How do you go about it?

a.                 Call him or her to your office.

b.                 Go to his office and suggest a suitable venue and time.

c.                 Ask someone else to pass on the message.


4.                  How do you address your colleagues

a.                 Women, men

b.                 By their names

c.                 Ladies, gentlemen


5.                  Your boss has found some mistakes in your work. What do you say to him?

a.                 Try to blame another for the act

b.                 Apologize, ensuring that it would be taken care of in the future.

c.                 Take help of some excuse for the act.


Answers:                   Max. a's – You need to mend your manners

                   Max. b's – You've impeccable manners

                   Max. c's – Learn some etiquette's


Someone once said, “Our thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits and habits form character”. Character leads to destiny. Cultivating a habit is like plowing a field. It has to grow from within with the help of inspiration and motivation. Most of our behavior is habitual and the sum total of our habits form our character.



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