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FREE online courses on Relieve Office Fatique - How To Relieve Office Fatigue & Stress - How Do You Cope?


Does sitting in front of your computer for hours make you stressed? Do customers phone calls have you at the end of your rope? Whatever your specific job-related complaint, one thing is certain, job-related stress can effect the way you think, feel and act. But don't fret, there is a way to relieve your stress. Take this course to learn simple strategies you can use to get quick relief. 

The following exercises can be done right at your desk and will bring quick relief from pain and stress to different parts of the body:


Using the thumbs only, move along each eyebrow line from the bridge of the nose outward, stopping every one-quarter inch to apply heavy pressure for about 20-seconds.

Again using the thumbs only, repeat this motion from the base of each nostril, along the cheekbone, to the top of the ear. Using the four fingers of both hands, follow the hairline from each ear to the center of the forehead, still applying heavy pressure every quarter inch.

Place the index finger behind each ear, and then follow the ridge that is behind the ear up and round to the front of the ear, using periodic pressure as indicated above.

Time:  2 minutes-35 seconds.



Drop the chin to the chest. Slowly roll the head toward the right shoulder until it touches. Continue the rolling motion until the head points backwards and the base of the scalp touches the top of the spine. Slowly roll the head towards the left shoulder until it touches the top of the shoulder. Finish the exercise with the chin resting on the chest. Repeat the exercise twice and then do it in the opposite direction three times.

Time:  1 minute

With the shoulders straight and motionless, turn the head to the right, looking over the shoulder as far as possible.  Muscles should feel taut.  Hold this position for a count of 5 and release. Repeat this head turn in the opposite direction. This exercise should be performed five times. Do it five times on the left side and five times on the right side.

Approximate Time: 50 seconds.



Extend the right arm in front of you, palm down. With the left thumb, follow the line of the middle finger along the forearm, stopping every quarter inch from the wrist to the elbow to apply heavy pressure for 20 seconds. Turn the arm over, palm up. Follow the middle of the inner forearm, using the same periodic pressure technique from elbow to the wrist.  Repeat this exercise on the left arm.

Time:  4 Minutes



Raise the right shoulder to touch the right ear. Hold this position for a count of five and release. Repeat with the left shoulder.  Complete this cycle five times. Then raise the shoulders in a shrugging motion in order to touch both ears simultaneously. Hold this position for a count of five and then release. Repeat this exercise five times.

Time:  1 minute



While standing, press the lower part of your body against the side of the desk or other similar surface.  This will force the pelvic area to remain immobile during the exercise. Twist the upper torso back and forth. Do this while rapidly swinging both arms, fully extended, from left to right. Repeat this exercise 12 times.

Time: 45 seconds

Spinal Fluid Circulation


Raise the right arm as if hailing a taxi-cab and, at the same time, raise the left knee. Lower the arm and knee and immediately raise the left arm and right knee as if marching in place.  Repeat this cycle, going through the movements at a brisk rate, 15 times.

Time:  45 seconds


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