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FREE online courses on What Is The Purpose Of A Resume - What Is The Purpose Of A Resume?


·          A resume is a concise, organized outline summarizing your education, work experiences, and professional skills and qualifications.

·          Your resume is a personal marketing tool and advertisement. It allows you to establish contact with an employer and if effective, will aid in securing an interview.

·          A resume is a sign of professionalism and makes a statement about how you view yourself and signifies your ability to organize and express yourself clearly and concisely.

·          A resume serves as a screening tool for an employer. Remember, an employer will only spend 30 seconds reviewing your resume. It is important to realize that resumes don't get you hired, but they can play a major part in ruling you out.

·          Your resume can serve as an important step in your interview preparation because it requires you to focus on your skills and accomplishments and the ability to organize them clearly. The resume may also serve as the framework for the interview so be prepared to talk about anything on your resume.


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