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Inexhaustible creativity

No godfather, no customer, no employer, no product and no favorable market but the Latent Oneness alone is the underlying source for fulfillment of all our needs, wants, desires and aspirations and therefore our getting attuned to it is all that, should be important to us.”

--Anil Bhatnagar


Latent Oneness is the inexhaustible and original source of all ideas and creativity. How often and how effectively we receive sudden useful insights and priceless flashes of guidance and inspiration depends upon how well we are attuned to the Latent Oneness.




Right knowledge, people, events enter the lives of individuals at the right time if they are attuned to the Latent Oneness.



In the words of Wayne Dyer, one of the foremost gurus of our age, “The universe is complete and perfect. There can be no mistakes. Nothing is random. The entire ‘one-song' is exquisitely synchronized”. We create hurdles and limitations in the flow of our lives by deciding to disconnect ourselves from the Latent Oneness.



Every employee spends a substantial part of the day at office and hence the organization is the major agency getting affected by the employees' attitude towards life. Recruiting people with excellent job knowledge and skills and to keep on imparting the same to them from time to time as per the needs of the organization are extremely important. However, the fact remains that at best these are only big zeros in themselves unless given meaning by the digit that precedes them - the digit of attitude.


The attitude of a person is the single most important factor that decides his creativity, sincerity, commitment, zeal to learn, acquire knowledge and find solutions to problems.



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