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Monday August 21'2000

Open up the world of learning

Pragya Singh incorporates the latest learning aids with the best tools of self-analysis for students, and offers optimised and effective online learning courses.

The site caters to those who wish to further their career prospects, and also to professionals in different fields who wish to enhance their competitive abilities.  Coming to can be an educative experience even for those students who are still looking for a career.

Students, thus may acquire job-oriented degrees and courses, online, which have been developed in collaboration with reputed Indian institutes and universities. also helps students to assess their skills and aptitudes.  Students can gather valuable insights from openlearningworld’s subject experts, who provide information and tips on how to climb every step of the corporate ladder.

These professionals are available to surfers on the online chat sites.  Openlearningworld also has a course management team that assists students at every stage of the learning process. offers specially designed degrees, diplomas and certificate courses, supported by institutional and individual collaboration with several universities, colleges and educational organisations.

These partner institutions include Manipal Academy of Higher Education, All India Management Association, National Institute of Advertising and many others. offers courses in Bachelor in Business Management (BBM) or PG Diploma in Management (PGDM) and short term certificate courses, all online.  It also promises diplomas in PR, e-commerce, and other fields related to Information technology.

The hallmark of openlearningworld lies in creating customised courseware and optimizing existing resources for effective on-line learning.

The courses so designed, fall under three categories: Degrees, Diplomas and certificate courses.  The certificate courses offer practical alternatives to degree/diploma courses which demand great investment in time, energy and resources.  The certificate courses include finance for beginners, practicing accountants or even for finance managers.  The duration of these courses is usually from two to four weeks.  Some of the other certificate courses have been exclusively designed for the students who are interested in attracting Venture Capitalists, in the fundamentals of Economy, in Personal Development or in giving interviews, communicating effectively, Marketing, Self-learning, Stress Management etc.  The site, having tie-ups with various educational institutions, is geared towards bringing world class online education to India, so as to suit the needs of students, while at the same time bringing them updated information as fast as possible.  

One of the most important tie-ups is with the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, a professional institution that offers training in Management, IT, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Engineering, Hotel Management, Law and the Arts.  Similarly, another partnership is with AIMA, a forum for the development of national managerial ethos.  Clearly, the advantage of these courses for students is compounded by their online availability through

Again, the tie-up with National Institute of Advertising and with the Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore; a growth oriented institute involved in education and training, can be of immense help to students and professionals alike.  These institutional tie-ups go hand in glove with’s facilities of online testing and result submission.  Once students join the community, they will find other students online in the virtual classrooms, along with their respective subject experts (provided by the company).

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