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Phase 4: Developing Your Opportunistic Assets

Once you have established an emergency fund, built a core exposure to a major market, and added some diversification to your portfolio, you are ready to move into the opportunistic phase. This phase is optional; it involves purchasing individual stocks or sector funds that usually have a higher risk. Many investors eliminate this phase completely with little impact to their portfolios. Remember that you should only move into this phase after you have established your emergency fund, built your core exposure, and added diversity to your assets.

If you decide to move into the opportunistic phase, the assets you should purchase include individual stocks and sector funds. Sector funds are mutual funds that follow a specific industrial sector, such as technology or financials. You would invest in stocks and sectors that you think are likely to outperform your other benchmarks. Remember that high-turnover funds should be included in your retirement account so that you can defer taxes.

Once you have incorporated the principles in the bottom of the investment hourglass into your portfolio, you can continue to diversify your portfolio through adding additional assets and asset classes that are consistent with the principles and priorities discussed in this section.


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