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Unwanted Solicitations

Do you want to know what to do about unwanted telephone calls, door-to-door solicitations, and street solicitations? What do you do about these situations?

My suggestion is to have a family policy about unwanted solicitations. Decide in advance what your family policy is and stick with it. Then clearly and nicely implement your policy. I personally tell solicitors the following:

We have a family policy that we do not give to over-the-phone or to door-to-door salespeople over twelve years old. If you will send (or leave) material about your charity, I will be happy to review it later and make a decision.

Our family’s policy is that we do not commit to anything via phone and we do not make donations to door-to-door salespersons over twelve years old. Interestingly, I rarely get solicitations in the mail (or have solicitations left at the door) in response to our family policy.


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