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FREE online courses on the Basics of a Computer - HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE - HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE


FREE online courses on the Basics of a Computer - HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE - HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE


The first electronic computer was completed in 1946, yet it was not until the mid-50's that the computer industry was firmly established since the time, aided by new technology, the industry has made phenomenal progress for example, notable advances have occurred in the provision of storage and in processor speeds. These in turn have facilitated the development of sophisticated computer systems and complex software. Future developments read like a science fiction story with powerful computers shrunk to the size of a match-box. However, there is one area which, generally speaking. Has not developed to the same extent. This is in the realm of 'man to machine' and 'machine to man' communications, in other words, the input-output devices. The principal reason for this is that speed of communication depends in many cases on mechanical movement and the potential for improvement of such devices is limited.


Input-output units surround the central processor, hence the term peripheral devices. Their purpose is to provide an information link between the outside world and the CPU. In computing parlance, they act as an interface, translating the familiar symbols which we can read into the binary patterns that can be handled electronically within the CPU : they then translate the patterns back again for easily readable output.



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