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FREE online courses on Building Self Confidence -Great Men Who Lacked Confidence


The gaining of self-confidence and courage and he ability to think calmly and clearly while talking to a group is not as difficult as most people think. It is not a gift bestowed by providence on only a few rarely endowed individuals. Anyone can develop his own latent capacity if he has sufficient desire to do so. It is like the ability to play golf.


Mark Twain felt as if his mouth were filled with cotton and his pulse were speeding, when he stood up to lecture for the first time. “The first time I attempted to make a public talk”, confessed Lloyd George, “I tell you I was in a state of misery. It is no figure of speech, but literally true, that my tongue clove to the roof of my mouth; and a first, I could hardly get out a word”.


Charles Steward Parnell, the great Irish leader, at the outset of his speaking career, was so nervous that he frequently clenched his fists until his nail sank into his flesh and his palms bled.



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