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FREE online courses on Building Self Confidence -Introduction


Self-confidence is the armor, which breaks he shackles of shyness and our being handicapped by he nerves. Confidence infuses in us the spirit to have faith in our ability and fight back self-doubt.


Answer the following to judge your confidence:


  1. You are sitting as an audience in a public meeting. Suddenly you are asked to express your views on stage.

a.                 You get panky and go up with shaky legs

b.                 You get up with thoughts to speak about

c.                 You make an attempt but feel conscious of all eyes set upon you


  1. You purchased an outfit from a departmental store, after a few days you wish to exchange.

a.                 Reluctantly you go but don't talk of it and walk out of the showroom

b.                 You approach the salesman, speak about it and get it exchanged

c.                 After walking up and down, you try to talk but fail to put across your point


  1. You failed to complete the work given to you by your boss.

a.      When called you mutter a few inaudible words but feel too weak in the legs to face the situation.

b.      You justify the reason for the delay and assure that in a short period the work would be done.

c.      You avoid facing the person and later make some obviously fake excuse.


  1. You reach later for an interview.

a.                  You avoid going as your impression has already flopped.

b.                  You explain that an urgent errand kept you busy and apologize.

c.                  You say ‘sorry' at least a dozen times.


  1. you organize a party and the main dish gets spoilt.

a.      you undergo immense guilt and feel ill at ease all through the party.

b.      You laugh at your carelessness and arrange for something from the market.

c.      You get hanky-panky and seek help.


Max. A's – You badly lack confidence to face a situation

Max. B's – You are confident and are able to chain unfavorable situations

Max. C's – You need to give a boost to your confidence



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