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FREE online courses on Conflict Management - Basics of Conflict Management - Clarifying Confusion About Conflict


Conflict is when two or more values, perspectives and opinions are contradictory in nature and haven't been aligned or agreed about yet, including:


1. Within yourself when you're not living according to your values

2. When your values and perspectives are threatened; or

3. Discomfort from fear of the unknown or from lack of fulfillment


Conflict is inevitable and often good, for example, good teams always go through a "form, storm, norm and perform" period. Getting the most out of diversity means often-contradictory values, perspectives and opinions.


Conflict is often needed. It:


1. Helps to raise and address problems.

2. Energizes work to be on the most appropriate issues.

3. Helps people "be real", for example, it motivates them to participate.

4. Helps people learn how to recognize and benefit from their differences.


Conflict is not the same as discomfort. The conflict isn't the problem - it is when conflict is poorly managed that is the problem.


Conflict is a problem when it:


1. Hampers productivity.

2. Lowers morale.

3. Causes more and continued conflicts.

4. Causes inappropriate behaviors.



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