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FREE online courses on Conflict Management - Basics of Conflict Management - Types of Managerial Actions that Cause Workplace Conflicts


  1. Poor communications
    1. Employees experience continuing surprises, they aren't informed of new decisions, programs, etc.
    2. Employees don't understand reasons for decisions, they aren't involved in decision-making.
    3. As a result, employees trust the "rumor mill" more than management.


  1. The alignment or the amount of resources is insufficient. There is:
    1. Disagreement about "who does what".
    2. Stress from working with inadequate resources.


  1. "Personal chemistry", including conflicting values or actions among managers and employees, for example:
    1. Strong personal natures don't match.
    2. We often don't like in others what we don't like in ourselves.


  1. Leadership problems, including inconsistent, missing, too-strong or uninformed leadership (at any level in the organization), evidenced by:
    1. Avoiding conflict, "passing the buck" with little follow-through on decisions.
    2. Employees see the same continued issues in the workplace.
    3. Supervisors don't understand the jobs of their subordinates.



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