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  • We still don't regard information as valuable
  • Lack of awareness makes us apathetic to information loss
  • We have no idea of the various forms information takes and common points of leakage
  • And we never give a thought to the fact that someone, somewhere, is very keen to lean all about us.

M/s Kudrat Pharma was a famous company, which had a global presence in ayurvedic formulations and health products. In a short span of twenty years, they had become a household name, but also fat, complacent and over-confident. Now they were about to surprise the consumer with a range of kitchen essences and preserved foods, and a hectic advertising/media campaign was in the planning stages. But one video film had to processed/edited professionally, just the break M/s Shivshakti foods needed. They took the wind out of Kudrat Pharma's sales by launching their similar product range first! And skimmed the market. (They used the same studio for editing!)

There was no James Bond, no crawling through sewers, no BMW's. One simple slip, one moment of apathy or carelessness and months of work, market share, profits and people – all down the drain.


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