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We Mean information assets

Information is what keeps a company ahead of others – once it leaks away to a competitor, playing fields get leveled.


My mother-in-law still hasn't given me that recipe for home made fruit-bread my husband loves – she's got the information that stretches her emotional value to her son. If I were to ‘steal' it from her, she would lose one more little hold on her only son. And if Proctor and Gamble were to get hold of Lakme's latest plans for increasing market share, it might give it a decisive edge in their on-going marketing war.


If information is so valuable, why do we treat it so casually? Two commuters on Calcutta's busy metro got talking one Friday evening on the way home. Though absolute strangers, one of them confided in the other that he worked for Dunlop and they were pulling out of West Bengal, overnight and unannounced. The other man happened to work for MRF, a rival manufacturer and this amazing bit of news gave them time to put together an emergency plan to move into the vacuum. It was a major coup for them and netted crores of profits.


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