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Free online Course on Ten Mantras for Corporate Success


Recruiting people with excellent job skills and rewarding them with monetary incentives is no guarantee that they will be committed to give their best. The rules of the game are changing. Organizations are going all out to incorporate personal effectiveness programs, which allow an employee to strike a balance between work and personal life and develop the right attitude towards meeting goals in all areas of life.



·         Get invaluable insights on how to improve your performance.

·         Solve the problems you face in the corporate world with:

Ø       Meditation

Ø       Dreams

Ø       Visualizations

Ø       Reiki

·         Know what it takes to become a successful organization

·         Learn to be an effective time manager


So if you are a fresher on the look out for a good break, an experienced professional trying to climb the corporate ladder, or someone who wants to do his ‘own thing' this course is a big ‘Yes Yes' for you. Log on now and let corporate guru guide you through the mantras for success.

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