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2. Decide to Learn

Make learning a lifelong commitment. Gain both temporal and spiritual knowledge. Temporal knowledge makes it easier to avoid financial pitfalls and helps you recognize bad advice. Temporal knowledge also helps you handle the inevitable surprises that life will bring. Spiritual knowledge helps you discern what is truly important and helps you to keep your priorities in order. Spiritual knowledge also helps you understand what your Heavenly Father would have you do.

Plan for a lifetime of learning. Be sure to take the time to polish and upgrade your skills; the only true insurance you have is your ability to continue improving yourself and your job skills. To prepare for future job security, make sure your talents and skills are in demand. Continue to educate yourself and be the best employee you can possibly be.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge makes it easier to avoid the pitfalls and problems of life. It also helps you make decisions that are consistent with your long-term goals. Decide now that you will make learning a lifelong commitment—that you will be a great steward over the things you have been blessed with. Set time aside each day to read and learn, both spiritually and temporally. Pray for help to learn beyond your natural abilities. After all, God gave you your abilities. He can help you work beyond these abilities.


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