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Answer the following questions, then click Check Answers to see how you did on the assignment. You can save and/or print your answers after you check them.

Drawing of kitchen instruments.
  1. Match the following small kitchen tools with their proper uses.
    1. cuts fat into flour for recipes such as crusts or biscuits
    2. beats eggs and prevents lumps as you stir sauces and gravies
    3. measures liquid ingredients only
    4. shreds or grates ingredients like cheese, carrots, cabbage, etc.
    5. folds, mixes, or stirs batters; be careful of heat that would melt it
    1. grater
    2. pastry blender
    3. rubber or silicone spatula
    4. glass measuring cup
    5. wire whisk
  1. Match the following small kitchen tools with their proper uses.
    1. serves liquids like soups or gravies
    2. incorporates air and mixes a combination of dry ingredients
    3. removes the peel from vegetables or fruits
    4. all-purpose mixing and stirring
    5. flattens pie crust doughs and cookie doughs
    1. rolling pin
    2. mixing spoon
    3. sifter
    4. ladle
    5. peeler
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